The One and The Only

Nishkaam meditation is a technique for worshiping the divine, which is known by various names in different religions and cultures.

The divine is called God, Allah, Om, Adonai, and so on.

All enlightened masters have worshiped this divine presence and merged into him. Examples of Enlightened Masters are Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Rumi, Jesus, and so on. The essence of all their teachings is the same, though they might appear a little different on the surface due to the different languages, cultures and times. All of these masters merged into the same one divine presence, but their teachings were interpreted differently by the people who followed them.

God is:

  • Without a beginning and without an end
  • Formless
  • Beyond the three modes of nature (Gunas):
    • Satvik – the behavior of saintly (spiritual) people
    • Rajsik – the behavior where the body is taken care of much more than is actually required
    • Tamsik – very angry, whining, ‘hot’ behavior
  • Self-created
  • Beyond the cycle of life and death
  • A light onto himself
  • Creator of all
  • Lover of all
  • Without any enemies
  • Unbiased
  • Untouched by emotion

In Nishkaam Meditation, this divine presence, who has created endless time and space, is worshiped.