Aum's Guru

Aum Cara’s Guru is Shri SAHIBJEE. Aum Cara calls Him ‘The Reluctant Master’, because of his extreme modesty, and his refusal to seek the limelight. He’s a hidden gem of a spiritual master, who comes from one’s of the world’s greatest lineages of realized hidden masters. These are spiritual teachers who choose to reveal themselves to only a select few genuine and sincere seekers, and who do not accept anything from their disciples. They show the way to God through selfless service, meditation and satsang.

SAHIBJEE teaches the disciplines of Nishkaam Seva and Smaran in a very practical way. And it is important to note that he always practices what He preaches. He himself does Seva and Smaran and then advises his disciples to do so. SAHIBJEE claims no miracles, but miracles happen all the time around him. When these miracles are pointed out by his followers, he attributes them to the grace of the almighty, rather than to his own power. Close disciples experience the energy of his presence—when they are with him, their doubts and questions fade away, and their troubled minds drop into the deep silence of bliss.

SAHIBJEE always insists that he is far from enlightened. He says he is on a journey just like the rest of us. Well-educated, charismatic and well-spoken, he worked in a bank till the age of 50, when retiring to devote the rest of his life to the spiritual teachings. He lives on his own income and refuses to take anything from anyone for himself. Such refusal to be seduced by material things is missing in most of the spiritual world today, and could be said to be a sign of true sincerity on the spiritual path.

SAHIBJEE started teaching in 1981, passed on the lineage from the enlightened master, SHRI DEEN DAYAL JEE MAHARAJ. Since then, SAHIBJEE has been teaching the path shown by his gurus to genuine seekers in Northern India and across the world. He has dedicated his life to the spiritual betterment of his students. Currently, he resides in his ashram near Delhi, India.