The Selfless Way of Life

The ten principles of the selfless (Nishkam) way of life are:

1) Selfless meditation: meditation on the name of God, as given by the Guru, performed without any expectations.

2) Selfless service: acts of service performed for poor and needy people, without expectations of anything in return.

3) Satsang: the company of like-minded spiritual people, including the Guru and his followers. Discussions related to God and spiritual growth.

4) Pure income: money earned through one's own job or business, or other money which is rightfully yours (for example, an inheritance received from a parent). It must be obtained without hurting, exploiting or cheating anyone.

5) Vegetarianism: eating vegetarian food, for the sake of compassion.

6) Worship of the One God: worshiping the One and Only God, who is the creator of all. Known in the world variously as God, Allah, Om, Waheguru, etc.

7) Living in society: practicing the 'middle' way. This means there is no need to become a nun or a monk, or otherwise run away from society. One can live in the world, while at the same time not becoming too preoccupied with it. One lives in society, behaving normally as much as possible, while detaching from it from inside, becoming one with God internally.

8) Not hurting anyone: as far as this is possible. 'Tear down the Mosque, tear down the temple. Tear down every thing in sight. But don't (tear down) break anyone's heart; because God lives there.'

9) Faith, love and equality: faith in God and the guru. 100% faith. Not any less. Pure love for God and anyone he dwells in—which is of course everyone! This leads to treating everyone as equal, and no one as bad.

10) Fearlessness: being a lion at heart, fearing no one and being kind to one and all. Being compassionate doesn’t mean being timid: no one should be able to take advantage of you.