Aum Cara

Aum Cara was born as Puneet, on March 31st, 1974 in New Delhi, India in a very well-educated family. His father was a mathematics whiz and his mother was a school teacher.

Aum Cara was a little different from ordinary kids right from the start. He would be lost in his thoughts all day and was quite introverted and shy, speaking very few words, only when needed. He was very interested in sports, cultural anthropology and geography.

Aum Cara’s spiritual search started at the age of eight, when he saw a spiritual movie about a boy who went on to become a monk in the Himalayas. He told his mom that one day he might become one.

When he was 14, Aum’s grandma passed away. Aum was the only grandson in the entire family and had been her favourite of all the children. His grandma was in her early 90's when she died. As per the Indian custom in those days, Aum was asked to light the funeral pyre at her cremation. It did not take long for the body of 90+ years to burn to ashes. It also did not take long for this event to set the dreamy philosophical kid known as Puneet on a journey of self-discovery.

Aum searched for a couple of years. He wanted to be different. He didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing—following the cycle of being born, playing, getting an education, going to school, getting a job, getting married, having kids and then starting the same cycle with them. He wanted to understand the ‘meaning of life’. What did we come into this world for, he wondered? If we were all to die one day, what was the use of doing what everyone was doing anyway? Aum read lots of philosophical books. He could be found reading and searching for books that people seldom looked at. Aum explored Tolstoy, Gandhi, and various spiritual texts like the Bhagvad Gita.

At the age of 16, Aum finally found what he had been looking for—right under his nose. His teacher had been near him for the past four years, but now the right time had come for them to meet. Aum discovered that a friend of the family, who seemed to be a very wise man and different from all other people he knew, was a hidden spiritual master. So he started going to this master for teachings.

In September of 1990, Aum took initiation from this master, known as Shri SAHIBJEE. Aum’s life changed that day. While other teens his age partied, he was lost in his Guru and his teachings, meditating up to 17 hours a day, performing acts of seva (selfless service) for monks and poor people, and spending time at satsangs with his Guru.

After studying very closely with SAHIBJEE for a number of years, Aum was sent to the western world on a mission that was revealed to him only in 2005. Aum was asked to spread the message of Shri SAHIBJEE in the western world.

With his Guru's blessings and upon his direction, Aum is now spreading the message of Shri SAHIBJEE - the message of Nishkaam Smaran - in the western world.

He is always seeking ‘thirsty students of life’.

Aum lives on his own income in California. He is a college graduate and resides in both Southern